When he grew up the young lad was bold, strong, illustrious and noble spirited. Now every day he would go to play with his friends in the jungle. One day one of his friend came late to play and Ashwathama asked him, the reason for his late coming. He told him, his mother was smearing cow-dung solution in their hut. I was hungry and wanted her to breast feed me, but her hands were unclean, She washed her hands and I had my tummy full of mother's milk. This was the reason, for coming late. In those days Devi Kripi could not breast feed her son and Sri Dronacharya could not afford to keep a cow; hence Ashwathama could not have milk to drink. One day another friend, of the boy, took him home, there they offered him fresh boiled milk to drink. This was the first time in his life, he had milk which was delicious and tasted like nectar. Devi Kripi used to feed her son with boiled rice water gruel, but to-day when she offered him the gruel, he bluntly refused to drink. He demanded that he would only drink milk and nothing else. His mother felt sad at heart, as she could ill afford to give him milk to drink. In her heart she realised that her son never demanded anything from his mother. But to-day what he wanted, she was unable to offer him. When his father came to know about the episode, he immediately left for Hastinapur (present day Meerut) to meet Raja Druapad, but the Raja showed his inability to offer him a cow. Sri Dronacharya returned back with a sad heart. In the mean while Devi Kripi pacified the boy, that his father has gone to get a cow for him. When his father returned empty handed, that ray of hope was dashed to the ground. Sri Dronacharya made Devi Kripi understand; that Lord Shiva would create some miracle for the happiness of the family. They made their son to understand, that all the cows of the universe were under the custody of Lord Shiva. They asked their son to pray to Lord Shiva to give him milk to drink. With earnest desire, to please Lord Shiva; Ashwathama prayed to Lord Shiva, standing only on one leg. Lord Shiva came to see him, in the disguise of a sadhu; then the cave became radiant with sadhu's presence; and he enquired Ashwathama about his wish and desire. But in a moment the sadhu became invisible and the young boy felt helpless. Devi Parvati seeing the boy's determination to do pious penance, Her heart melts with compassion. Ashwathama tears started trickling profusely from his eyes and these tears fell on the Shiva ling. Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati appeared in the cave on the full moon day (Purna masi) and milk started trickling from the cave roof and it fell on the Shiva-ling.


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